Arena Monbat Ruse is the new name of the multifunctional hall in the Danube city

July 03, 2018

The sponsorship deal will contribute to the development of sport and culture and keep young people from leaving Ruse

The new multifunctional sports hall in Ruse has a new name. The venue, which was previously called Arena Ruse, will now bear the name Arena Monbat Ruse after the economic (Monbat) group signed a contract for exclusive sponsorship. The rebranded hall in the Danube city will host some of the Volleyball World Cup games in September 2018. There are more exciting forthcoming events planned for the end of the year, such as a concert by violinist Vasko Vassilev, the gymnastic competition “Danube pearl” and a Latino dance competition in November.

The hall has established itself as an attractive venue for cultural and sports events, not only within the Northeastern Bulgaria region, but also for tourists from Bucharest, the city located less than 60 km to the north, where the Monbat Recycling SRL factory is located.

At the press conference held today in the Ruse hall, Petar Bozadzhiev, member of the Board of directors of “Monbat AD” and the executive director of the economic group, announced the partnership to the media and shared their views on the development of the hall, culture and sports in the city and how business can show its responsibility towards society.

"Successful companies are responsible not only to their share holders, but also to society as a whole," said Petar Bozadzhiev. "I’m happy that Monbat is able to demonstrate its social responsibility in such important social fields as sports and culture. Through long years of experience supporting cultural events and sports competitions such as professional tennis, cultural initiatives throughout the country, and now the sponsorship of the sports hall, which will host the Volleyball World Cup, we embrace the opportunity to really contribute to improving the social environment.”