BiPolar technology GreenSeal® and Monbat

January 04, 2019

Future plans and tech perspectives from Atanas Bobokov, CEO and Chairman of BoD in Batteries International

Monbat has acquired licensing rights to the full suite of GreenSeal® Bipolar Lead battery technologies of ABC as a step to the future. The GreenSeal® technology drastically simplifies lead battery manufacturing and significantly improves lead battery performance by increasing cycle life, lowering weight, reducing recharge time, improving reliability and is fully recyclable. This improvement is achieved through reducing lead-metal content by an average of 46% and more efficient working of the active materials through innovative patented design. Bobokov said that it seems the bipolar batteries would be a perfect substitute for the VRLA, OPzV and traction battery technologies. And it is very likely that a lead-based battery will be able to compete with a lithium one and justify an equal price premium. 

This goes along with Monbat’s intention to build a new 2.4GWh plant in Bulgaria, especially for the production of bipolar batteries based on this technology.

"There will be direct synergies to the existing supply chain of the Monbat Group,” said Monbat CEO and chairman Atanas Bobokov.

Bobokov said that it is inspiring to see a future in a very old industry without changing the material base, just by offering a smart mechanical solution of the grids becoming the battery building block.

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