Dynamics and Power at Monbat Rally Sliven

July 30, 2018

Winners of the disputed car race are announced

Sliven, July 30th2018  Monbat Rally Sliven ended with an absolute victory of the Megaport Raicing Team Miroslav Angelov and Nedyalko Sivov (Skoda Fabia R5). At second and third place were the team of the The Art Racing Yordan Atanassov and Yanaki Yanakiev (Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX, RC) and Grigorov Racing team Grigor Grigorov and Petar Sivov (Peugeot 208 R2, RC 4). The prize of the first place was awarded by Villi Kamenov, Commercial Director of Starter Batteries of the Monbat Economic Group. The full ranking of the teams can be seen at http://www.rallysliven.com/.

This year, 48 teams joined the competition, including 15 foreign teams from 11 nationalities. The Rally started officially on Friday, July 27th, with a ceremony at Hadji Dimitar Square in Sliven and the first super-special stage. The competition is the fourth round of the FIA Balkan Rally Trophy and the second round of the National Rally Championship.

"We are happy to support the 38th edition of this renowned car race. We believe that Monbat Rally Sliven is an important initiative for the whole region and that our participation will turn to be an example for other corporations that sponsor Bulgarian sports, "

said Vili Kamenov, Commercial Director Starter Batteries at Monbat Economic Group.

“We saw a persuasive resemblance between Monbat and the tradiotion of dynamic in this race. Not only in the cars and the power associated with our starter batteries, but also when thinking about transformation in the idea of a modern business”,

added Vili Kamenov. According to him, the desire for transformation and further development is the parallel that has convinced the economic group to give its name to the race competition this year - Monbat Rally Sliven.

monbat rally
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