The first volumes of polyethylene separator, unscrupulously stored by third parties, were withdrawn for the own account of Monbat

April 02, 2021

In compliance with the signed “Memorandum for Application of ar. 7, par. 2 of the Law for Waste Management (ZUO)” (a month earlier – 02.03.2021) between MoEW and Monbat, the company accomplished successfully the first step from the negotiated program – withdrawal of 424 MT polyethylene separator of unknown origin and generator, from the Lakata area in the land of the town of Cherven Bryag.

In a protocol of findings from 01.04.2021, signed by the mayor of Cherven Briag municipality, the director of RIEW-Pleven, the head of Police Department-Cherven Bryag and assigned representative of Monbat Recycling EAD, the parties duly ascertained and documented, that Lakata area is completely cleared up from waste (s. the addendum).

The actions of Monbat AD, applied under corporate constructive responsibility, are carried out by order and under the control of RIEW-Montana. The company withdrew for its own account the whole volume of polyethylene separator, of unknown origin and generator, unscrupulously stored by third parties, and transported it to its facilities in the town of Montana in compliance with ZUO.

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