Holdco Cooperatief U.A., a Cooperative, Incorporated, Registered and Existing Under the Laws of the Netherlands

March 06, 2014

With regard to the requirement of art. 148b of LPOS, hereby we would like to inform the public on the following:

On the grounds of art.145, para.1, item 1 of LPOS PRISTA HOLDCO COOPERATIEF U.A., a cooperative, incorporated, registered and existing under the laws of the Netherlands, having its registered office at Saturnusstraat 25-I, NL – 2132 HB Hoofddorp, the Netherlands, registered at the Dutch Commercial Register under number 54691001 notified Monbat AD on an executed by the company acquisition transactions for 4051879 voting shares or 10,39 % of the capital of Monbat AD with a settlement date of the transaction in the Central Depository 28.02.2014.
As a result of the change PRISTA HOLDCO COOPERATIEF U.A holds directly 8 103 758 shares and the same number of votes at the General Assembly of the Shareholders or 20,76 % of the capital of Monbat AD. PRISTA HOLDCO COOPERATIEF U.A exercises the right to vote at the General Assembly of the Shareholders under 8 103 758 shares of the capital of the public company directly and not through parties under control.

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Investor Relations Director
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