Bond Information

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The convertible bonds are issued on the basis of a decision of the Board of Directors (BoD) of MONBAT AD, adopted at a meeting of the BoD, dated 10.10.2017. The Prospectus for IPO of Convertible Bonds of this issue was approved by Decision of the Financial Supervision Commission (FSC) № 1459-E as of 21.11.2017.
Issue Information
Issuer name Monbat AD-Sofia
ISIN Code BG2100023170
Security Type Corporate bonds
Number of Securities Issued 28 015
Lot 1
First Trading Date 13-02-2018
Next interest payment 20-07-2023
Market Bonds Segment
Parameters of the issue
Date of issue 20-01-2018
Maturity 20-01-2025
Size of issue 28 015 000
Nominal Value 1 000.0000
Currency EUR
Coupon and type 6 m. EURIBOR + 3.00% but at least 3.00%
Number of Payments (per year) 2
Convention ACT/365L
Current rate of interest 5.843%