Equity Case

Monbat represents a prominent value creation, driven by strong operational performance, enabled by a complete vertical integration that supports natural hedging in order to sustain growth and invest in new sources of marginal revenue and significant increase of the EV in 2021.


Source of Wealth (TTM for Q1 2021)

0 Source of wealth
EV Multiplier – 7.71 times
14.3% Y-t-Y
1 Enterprise value
EV - 159 516 (EUR '000)
3.4% Y-t-Y
2 Shareholders earnings
EPS – 0.07 EUR
421% Y-t-Y
3 Operational performance
EBITDA 20 679 (EUR '000)
12.6% Y-t-Y
4 Valuation
M/B – 0.67 times
11.4% Y-t-Y

Monbat Group is showing stable operational results during the periods TTM Q1 2021, 2020 and 2019, despite the difficult economic situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and other one-off events.

There is an increase in the EBITDA levels of 12.6% on a year to year basis (20 679 million EURO for TTM Q1 2021) due to the appropriate measures taken by the management in order to counter the unpleasant pandemic and other one-off events.