Equity Case

Monbat represents a prominent value creation, driven by strong operational performance, enabled by a complete vertical integration that supports natural hedging to sustain growth and invest in new sources of marginal revenue and significant increase of the EV in 2022.


Source of Wealth (FY 2022)

0 Source of wealth
EV Multiplier – 11.69 times
37.4% Y-t-Y
1 Enterprise value
EV - 209 803 (EUR '000)
4.8% Y-t-Y
2 Shareholders earnings
EPS – 0.09 EUR
(67.3)% Y-t-Y
3 Operational performance
Adjusted EBITDA from continuing operations - 17 942 (EUR '000)
(23.7)% Y-t-Y
4 Valuation
M/B – 0.93 times
(9.8)% Y-t-Y

Despite the difficult economic situation in recent years, stemming initially from the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequently from Russian – Ukrainian conflict at the beginning of 2022, resulted in numerous economic sanctions to Russia enforced by the European Union, the last led to a dramatic increase in both of energy prices and the Group's main raw materials, Monbat has demonstrated sustained operating results since 2020.

Based on these results Monbat was able to guarantee the next phase of growth through investments in new sources of revenue and to increase the Group's added value by 4.8% during the 2022.

Year-to-year EBITDA decreased by 23.7%, compared to the previous year (EUR 23 527 million for 2021), the most significant contributing factors being both the drastic increase in energy prices and the rise of the main raw materials and supplies prices used by the Group.

The complicated macroeconomic environment in 2022 resulting from the conflict between Russia and Ukraine in which the European Union is indirectly a party, has led to a decline in demand, and therefore in sales, for rechargeable batteries in some of the Group's core markets. As of Q4 2022, the Company has been able to address and with adequate actions taken by management, to minimize the adverse effect on the Group. Management expectations are that the Company will be able to increase its sales volumes in the coming periods.