Monbat AD Joins the Association for Production, Storage and Trading of Electricity (APSTE)

January 19, 2023

The company has been intensively testing battery energy storage systems (BESS) for the households and the industry

2023 started with a new sectoral partnership for the economic group Monbat – the company joined APSTE, aiming to strengthen its engagement to the development of the carbon-neutral energy technologies and the sustainable resilience of the European economy and energy security. The membership in the Association is part of Monbat’s strategic planning for establishing a strong presence in the battery energy storage system (BESS) segment, officially announced in the end of 2022.

APSTE and Monbat share the strategic goal of the organization for creation of favorable regulatory and business environment in Bulgaria aimed at the transition toward sustainable, carbon-neutral energy sector.

We welcome Monbat as APSTE newest member. The company is among the global leaders in its segment and a good example that the Bulgarian industry has serious potential in low-carbon energy. We believe that with joint efforts we will contribute to sustainable energy development of businesses and households in the country, commented Nikola Gazdov – Chairman of the Board of APSTE.

We hope that the partnership between us will improve the regulatory environment and the market creating an impulse for the rapid deployment of the most efficient combination in the sustainable energy – RES and BESS – in all market segments, Viktor Spiriev – CEO of Monbat AD – stated.

Monbat is among the biggest producers of industrial batteries in Europe and therefore we would like to state our serious engagements to the mutual cause of energy system with responsible and proactive consumers in Bulgaria – this would be a significant contribution not only to Bulgarian economy but also to the environmental protection, Bozhidar Nekeziev – Sales director in Division “Industrial Batteries” of Monbat – added.