Monbat AD Publishes White Paper for the Corporate Best Practices in Circular Economy

October 07, 2021

The company commemorates 21 years from the start of its recycling operations as effective economic activity 

Topical report for the entire program, related to the application of the circular economic processes in the companies from Monbat Group is available on the corporate site from today. It marks symbolically 21 years from the start of the first lead recycling line, launched in 2000 in Montana – only one year after the privatization of the factory.

The report reviews thoroughly all processes and procedures, related to recycling, the management of raw materials supply, waste management, the water resources, and many other aspects of the circular economic activity. The important conclusion from the report is that Monbat follows sustainable and continuously upgrading policy for circular economy application, rather setting than following the leading trends in the lead-acid batteries sector. Approx. in the last 15 years, the company reached up to 100% provision of raw materials from secondary processing (lead, lead alloys and polypropylene). Several projects for complete transformation in non-hazardous waste and utilization of end-waste – polyethylene separator – are in progress, which will allow the company to achieve true 100% utilization of the used lead-acid batteries.

The document follows the structural format of the internationally renowned ‘white-paper’ pattern. The ambition of the Monbat management is to upgrade and regularly update the content of the paper. All the significant information for the stakeholders will be published on the Internet site, in a fully accessible and transparent way for the public. Being one of the leading public-listed companies in Bulgaria, Monbat AD strives to exceed the legal requirement for disclosure of non-financial information.

The complete “White Paper – All you need to know about the circular economy practices applied by Monbat AD” can be downloaded free from the link.

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