Monbat opens a state-of-the-art photovoltaic plant in the Zograf Monastery in Mount Athos

May 06, 2019

Monbat economic group’s donation transforms, and improves, the energy concept of the monastery and its adjacent buildings


Sofia, 6 May 2019 Monbat donates 448 rechargeable batteries, which will provide overnight electricity in the new photovoltaic park on the territory of the Bulgarian monastery in Mount Athos.

The 5th May marked the opening of the innovative plant, built of 360 panels, each of which generates 270W. The total installed capacity of 100kW guarantees sufficient energy for the growing consumption by the monastery and its adjacent buildings.

The main aim of the facility is to fully transform the current energy concept in the region, which lacks external electrical network, as well as to improve the quality of life of the monks and the guests of the monastery. The favourable geographic location, characterized by strong sunshine, makes the photovoltaic solutions the right choice for an alternative to the current uninterrupted diesel generator based power supply. The state-of-the-art technology will release the monks from the accompanying fuels costs, the continuous fuel replacement and will provide silent and environmentally friendly power generation.

During the opening of the photovoltaic plant, Atanas Bobokov – Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Monbat AD, stated: “Monbat’s team and me, we are honoured to contribute to the realization of this sustainable, economic and convenient for the monks power plant. Our participation in the project strengthens our support and commitment to preserving the Bulgarian spirituality and Christianity, which are the base of our traditions and morals.  Aiming to charge the future, we are delighted to provide our battery solutions as a bridge between traditions and modern times“.

Monbat’s batteries are placed in special containers with air conditioning, which provides the optimum working temperature. The company provides organizational and logistical support, as well as the participation of its engineering team in the project creation and construction of the power plant.

With the completion of the one-year construction process of the plant, the installed panels provide 100 kW photovoltaic power, 120 kW peak power supply of the inverters, 2400 А nominal power of the controllers, 1 MWh battery capacity. This capacity is sufficient to power twenty households or a six storey building. In the case of overconsumption, the monastery will use an automatic battery reserve and a 155kVA generator.

Monbat’s participation in this shared investment of 200 000 Bulgarian leva between the company and the monastery’s management is part of the multiple social causes and campaigns for the preservation of Bulgaria’s cultural heritage that the company is committed to. The corporate culture is based on the traditional virtues – respect, faith and responsibility for the intentions and actions.

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