Monbat steals a march on competition with acquisition of STC

August 25, 2019

The solutions offered by STC (Science, Technology & Consulting S.R.L.) have great potential, are highly innovative and of great significance for the recycling industry. That’s why the acquisition of majority shares of the Italian high-tech engineering company is an important step for Monbat AD.


Atanas Bobokov, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors in Monbat AD, interviewed on the TV program “V razvitie” (“In development”) on Bloomberg TV Bulgaria, hosted by Veronika Denizova, offers his thoughts on the overall significance of this acquisition for the Economic Group and its repercussions.


Also featuring prominently in the discussion were the latest results of the Economic Group, which scored a major growth in profit, and other financial indicators. Find out more also about one of the latest projects of Monbat – the manufacturing of bi-polar batteries, in the interview.

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