Our Commitment

Monbat is a reliable and sustainable economic group that offers vertically integrated solutions for starter and reserve power on demand and strives to further develop the integrity and diversity of its team, partners and shareholders. 

Monbat’s commitment is enshrined in globally recognized standards and regulations such as the UN’s Global Compact Principles.
By continually incorporating these standards into its internal policies and procedures, aligned to a culture of integrity, Monbat leads the way to sustainable business growth.

Sustainability Governance

The Sustainability Committee manages all strategic aspects of corporate responsible behaviour, risk prevention and sustainable development within the Monbat Group.

Members of the Committee are:

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Executive Director
  • Supply Chain Management Director
  • Human Capital Director
  • Investor Relations Director
  • Marketing and Communications Director
  • Quality Managment Director

Every quarter, the committee explores all aspects of business development and operations within the group as part of its commitment to sustainable corporate behaviour. It also guarantees that these principles are incorporated into the daily functioning of its companies.