Sustainability Actions

The understanding of the corporate board of Monbat for sustainability is a core principle integrated within the company’s structure and in its corporate values - drive to outperform, agility, quality, integrity. The company’s commitment to sustainability embraces three major areas – business, people and the environment.



Monbat’s internal corporate value system drives all business relations. Core principles of the Group’s business sustainability are:

Identification of the key stakeholder groups

The Corporate board of Monbat ensures effective interaction with the company's stakeholders. This category includes certain interested parties who are directly influenced by the company and who are in a position to influence the company themselves. Monbat identifies as stakeholders, interested in its activities, all persons/entities which are interested in the economic prosperity of the company: investors (shareholders and bondholders), workers and employees, suppliers, customers and distributors, creditors, and other contracting parties, local communities and other interested parties

Monbat’s scope of activity 

Continuous application of flexible and innovative solutions in each particular area.
This includes processes from due diligence of suppliers, through Innovation center, focusing on expanding the depth of recycling and reducing waste materials.
Monbat integrates recycling and processing into the production cycles in order to assure a sustainable and integrated business model.
The flexible and online-based internal processes within the group reduce the transportation costs and the group’s waste footprint.

High Standard Quality

Permanent adherence to high standards for environmental protection and production safety, certified by leading international benchmarks.



Our commitment to sustainable development of the Monbat Economic Group means we do not focus exclusively on the personnel, but we also extend our scope to the wider Bulgarian public.

Monbat’s dedication to discovering, defining and growing potential is also matched by the group’s corporate citizenship programs that fall into the following areas:

  • Development of a working environment where modern, healthy conditions are guaranteed, in addition to an above average remuneration package along with additional benefits.
  • Continuous education and professional training of current and prospective employees, and provision of career advancement opportunities within the group.
  • CSR program to discover and develop internal talents (within our companies) and, externally, so that it permeates Bulgaria’s youth culture and the performing arts. The program includes competitions in literature, art and the performing arts, focusing on traditional local themes, where the nominees are given the opportunity to further develop their talents with professional training and mentoring.
  • Preservation of traditional cultural values
  • Support of local communities
  • Support of sports where the country or region shows potential for talent growth


The Economic Group invests in activities that target pollution prevention or its reduction, aiming at a maximum impact on human health and environmental protection.

One of the most recognizable evidences of our commitment to a sustainable environment is the existence of our four recycling facilities. These contribute towards a sustainable management of resources and a reduced environmental footprint.

Sustainable environment solutions of Monbat include:

  • Implementation of SCM based on sustainability principles within the group and towards suppliers.
  • Resource and waste management aiming at effective usage and minimization of waste, for example effective use of electricity and heat power/thermal energy; minimizing and recycling waste via Separate Waste Collecting and Depositing Program.
  • Internal monitoring for pollution prevention and continuous investment in state-of-art technology and management practices.
  • Clear and accurate environmental information on products, services and activities to customers, suppliers and the general public.
  • Participation in long-term socially useful projects in the environmental protection sphere, for example by building and developing a network of containers for collecting old batteries from distributors.
  • Assurance of re-use of basic material such as lead and polypropylene which is derived from scrap and recycled to materials re-used in production, both within the group and externally as products sold to other companies.

Self-control system

The establishment and operation of an internal control system is designed to achieve continuous compliance with the environmental, health and safety regulations on the basis of the Integrated Management System. The self-control system evaluates the efficiency and effectiveness of the management system and the operations of Monbat in general.

Risk management 

As a natural part of its risk management, Monbat has developed an emergency plan to alleviate the consequences of disasters and accidents. Pursuant to the requirements of the Law on Health and Safe Labor Conditions, and the respective subordinate legislation, and the Disaster Protection Act, this plan aims at preparing on-site personnel for action. It also seeks to guarantee a proper notification process and procedure for enforcing relevant rescue and emergency recovery activities at the location concerned and applying necessary measures to secure the rehabilitation of the environment.

Environmental Protection

Old batteries are responsible for widespread harmful waste, hence the company significantly contributes to environmental protection by collecting, neutralizing and recycling such batteries.

The environment-related management system is certified with ISO 14001 - a standard that focuses on the delicate balance between maintaining efficiency and reducing environmental impact by engaging all levels of the organization to achieve both objectives.

Announcment of public discussion meeting

MONBAT AD, 32А „Cherni Vrah“ blvd, fl. 4, 1407 Sofia Bulgaria, on the grounds of Art. 97 (4) in relation to Art. 81 (1) 2. of the Environmental Protection Act, ANNOUNCES to all interested individuals and legal entities there shall be a meeting for a public discussion of the Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIA) and EIA Addendum for the investment proposal:«Complex project for investment initiative for modernisation of lead-acid batteries production installation /LABPI/ and battery recycling installation /BRI/» in «MONBAT» AD, Montana production site.

The meeting will take place on 09.10.2018 at 11am. in Montana Municipality building, 1 “Izvora“ Str.

EIA Report and EIA Addendum are available to all interested parties every day from 9am to 5pm at Montana Municipality, 1 “Izvora” Str. and RIEW Montana, Montana, 4 "Julius Irasek" str.

Written statements can be submitted to Montana Municipality and RIEW – Montana to the addresses above or presented to the public discussion meeting.

For the public discussion on the side of the contracting authority please contact:

Mrs. Bogdana Ivanova, tel. 096 / 393 101, 096 / 393 189; GSM: 0886 / 430 414, Е-mail: or

Public notice to the interested persons and public

On the grounds of Art. 15, Par. 1 of the Environment Protection Law and Art. 4, Par. 2 of the Regulation of the conditions and order for evaluating the effect on the environment (State Paper issue 25/2003, with amendments and additions), Monbat Recycling Ltd.

to the interested persons and public of the availability of an investment intention (II) provided for ‘Construction of a lead refining plant”.

The investment intention is provided for constructing a lead refining installation in which, following a technological process, will produce refinery lead, antimony (metal) and lead-tin alloy. The installation will be positioned in an existing building in a property with ID 72624.603.196 in the town of Dobrich, Dobrich Municipality, Dobrich Region. Consignor is Monbat Recycling Ltd. The Notice is available at RIOEW – Varna. Please, send any written statements and opinions at postal address and/or e-mail: 3400 Montana, 76, Industrialna Str.,; and at RIOEW – Varna at 4, Yan Palah Str., as well as Dobrich Municipality.

Public notice to the interested persons and public




Based on Article 95, Paragraph 1 from the Environmental Protection Law



 WE, START JSC with an address of registration at: Sofia, 32A Cherni Vrah Blvd., and address for correspondence: Dobrich 9300, 20 Sveshtenik Pavel Atanasov Street, BULSTAT UIC 124712007 represented by the Executive Director Zh.Zhelyazkov





all concerned individuals and legal entities about the following investment proposal:

• purchasing and installation of 1 pc ConRoll equipment for continuous casting of positive grids for batteries and a pot altogether with 2 (two) gas burners with exhaust device D61 and D62.
• purchasing and installation of purification device at the Gravity Casting Machines and ConRoll

The equipment will be installed in the existing factory premises at Start Battery Plant situated in Dobrich 9300, Bulgaria.



Everybody who wants to share an opinion or make a statement can do it in written form at the Dobrich Municipality, Regional Inspectorate for Environment and Water (RIEW) in Varna, 4 Yan Palah Street.



Contact person: R. Topalova – ecologist: phone: 00359878401378