Working at Monbat

Monbat Group recognizes the value of human capital and manages its corporate structure in line with ethical, diversity and inclusion best practices.

The Group maintains its relationships based on transparent mutual respect and equal opportunities with almost 1000 employees based in 9 locations worldwide.

Working Environment

Working Environment

Compensations and Benefits

The structure of our remuneration packages differs among the organizational hierarchy and depends both on the specific position and on the individual’s personal contribution to the value creation in the group. 
For each position levels, certain grades are pre-defined.
Compensation for each person is structured within these frameworks depending on their personal background, skills, knowledge and performance. Making its employees part of the economic group’s success, Monbat usually offers above-the-average remuneration packages.

Professional Development

Monbat exploits the potential for professional growth and the personal advancement of all its employees through training courses and the opportunity to study while working.
An attractive supplement to the development program is the mentoring program for practical knowledge sharing and personal development planning based on results assessment efforts to close the gap between performance expectations and actual performance.
But sometimes even the smallest project can bring you together with colleagues and inspire you to take a forward step.
Monbat actively supports all development possibilities and enhancement opportunities for its employees, both professional and personal.

Global Work

Exciting opportunities can loom up at your current place of residence or guide you to a new home via Monbat’s relocation program.
For all relevant positions the economic group supports its successful candidates with relocation and migration assistance as well as a special relocation package depending on the position in question.

Work-life Balance

Addressing individual needs, and an awareness of the desirability of flexible working conditions complement our personal approach throughout the job-matching process.
For some positions the work can be scheduled.
Placing quality and responsibility at the heart of its operations, Monbat always chooses, as a matter of policy, to support to the utmost its employees in their efforts to deliver high performance, regardless of their field of work.

Health Management

Being healthy and active is considered a core value in our economic group regardless of position, location or age.
It enables us to get more from life. And more from our work.
That's why Monbat takes illness prevention and health promotion extremely seriously.

Selection Process

Selection Process
The selection process in Monbat Group varies according to the professional opportunities it offers.
It usually includes phases such as:

  • Initial screening
  • Telephone interview
  • One or two personal selection interviews
  • Final selection and feedback

Please note that feedback is only provided for applicants who have conducted a personal selection interview or have come through the selection process to the final selection.
If your application for a specific open position has not received a response within a month, please kindly accept that Monbat’s recruitment team has decided not to proceed further with your application for that specific position.